Leonardo Melendez

Leonardo Melendez is a Belize based photographer specializing in weddings and portrait photography. He has photographed weddings in Mexico, Honduras, USA and extensively throughout Belize.

A dedicated practitioner of the photographic arts, Leonardo has quietly honed his craft since 2006, forgoing formal education and the confines of textbooks. With a delicate balance of light, composition, and digital finesse, his work speaks volumes in subtlety, attracting discerning clients who appreciate his understated approach.

Leonardo’s stylistic ambitions seem simple: to create images that are both flattering and timeless. His images are characterized by a gentle softness, with warm tones, and unassuming compositions. Colors are true-to-life, respectful of the time and effort put into their curation by clients and event professionals. His portraits reveal genuine emotions through subtle, natural posing. This combination of technical mastery and emotional depth makes Leonardo’s work truly stand out in the world of wedding photography.

He works passionately with fellow artists who share his dedication and commitment to their own craft, finding the journey endlessly rewarding and the experiences created together, unforgettable.

A special note

Early in my career, a seasoned wedding planner shared with me a profound insight about photography. She said: what makes a wedding truly special is that it happens only once. She added that she’s had brides come back to her crying because they did not like their photographs. “And unfortunately we know we can’t redo any of it. For this reason, I recommend that brides hire the best photographer they can. “

These words stuck out to me and have shaped much of what I do and how I do it. I wanted that responsibility–to deliver for the bride. In the beginning, I was scared and felt the immense pressures that came with being in the world of wedding photography. But slowly, it has become a responsibility, and a privilege to be working for and alongside trusting clients and fellow artists creating beautiful, timeless imagery.

Thank you for dropping by to see my work today. I hope it inspires an eventful future 🥂!


I see photography as an opportunity to preserve a moment in time–using color, composition, and light to add flavor, evoke emotion and shift moods, hopefully in a way that is desirable to the senses or at the very least, creates a visceral sense of wonder within the viewer.